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About Us

CVN Law Office and Consultants, is a Phnom Penh law firm dedicated to standing up for the rights of everyday people. We handle Criminal Defense, General Civil litigation, Business, Investment Assets.

CVN Law Office, contributes more than 15years of legal experience to the practice. His strong trial background and well-respected reputation in the legal community make him a local leader in the profession. In addition to helping countless clients over the years.

CVN Law Office and Consultants, we offer several advantages you likely won't find at a larger firm. Our lawyer will work directly with you through all stages of your case. We provide prompt, hands-on service. You will receive personal attention and upfront assessments of what to expect. We believe this honest approach to the law is essential for helping you make wise decisions.

History Chun Veasna

In 1992, he left home to study in Phnom Penh, the dream of working in the legal field and economics that can build capacity towards achieving his dream.


In 2000 he graduated Diaspora Law at Norton University.
In 2010 he graduated Law at Royal University of Law and Economics.

Work experience:

In 1993-2002 officials International Police (Interpol), international relations, such as international crime and transnational criminals worldwide. Attended workshops and received regulatory certification in Customer Criminal Research.

In 1997-2002 He was an Legal Assistant at the Law Office of Chong EavHeng ID: 042
In 2002-2004 He was an Legal Assistant in Criminal Law and Trade Law at the Law Office Branch Chou Chanthyra ID: 070  Commercial Registration, Documented Investment in buying - selling rental property and transfers, selling shares and suicide inheritance.

2004- now:
Lawyer Chun holds a ID: 337 ownership CVN law office and Consultants, the Member of Bar Association, The Kingdom of Cambodia and has been successful in the areas of defense and representing clients in both civil and criminal, business, school connectivity in all areas of City Hall of Appeal, Supreme Court, and institutions in the Kingdom of The Cambodia.

News and Events
May 6, 2017
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May 4, 2017
១-សញ្ញាណទូទៅ             បុគ្គលនីមួយៗទោះជារូបវន្តបុគ្គលក្...
May 4, 2017
ផ្នែកទី ១. បេសកកម្មរបស់មេធាវី            មេធាវីជាតួអង្គមួយដែ...